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Lemna. Shaping the future of workplace wellbeing.

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Lemna empowers people
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Lemna ensures that your people prioritize their wellbeing through AI and human-powered interventions. These are based on psychological research and insights from experts in the field.

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Comprehensive Cockpit for Insights into Wellbeing Potential

Discover trends within your organisation while ensuring user privacy is protected

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team's Collaboration.

Gain critical insights into your organization's health with our comprehensive wellbeing dashboard. Drive meaningful change with data-driven recommendations and proactive engagement strategies tailored to enhance team dynamics and employee satisfaction.

All your doubts, answered.

Navigating workplace wellbeing insights can be complex, but we're here to guide you. Our FAQ section provides clear, actionable answers for empowering your team with Lemna.
What is the Lemna AI Wellbeing Partner?

The Lemna Wellbeing Bot is an AI-driven chatbot designed to provide support for all wellbeing-related questions at the workplace.  In order to support the self-care and professional development of employees, it actively guides them through associated foundational learning content. The Lemna AI Wellbeing Partner effortlessly integrates with platforms like Slack or MS Teams, participating in confidential conversations with each employee involved.

Please note: Lemna Wellbeing Partner cannot replace professional therapy or extensive training. It is the step before comprehensive training and professional help will be recommended if it detects serious mental health issues.

What kind of topics can the Lemna cover?

Behavioral Scientists (Psychologists) created a Framework based on Positive Psychology.The Lemna Wellbeing Bot can cover a wide range of topics related to wellbeing, mindfulness, and more. It can also offer support and guidance on specific work related issues, such as time management, team building, selfmanagement or communication.

Who has access to the employee data?

No one can trace data back to an individual employee. Every conversation with the chatbot is confidential, and no one reads along. HR receives only highly aggregated anonymized data on the dashboard, and only team-specific data for teams with 10 or more members. The data is protected according to the current GDPR standards.

How do I manage the user group?

You have been invited by Lemna to your dashboard via email. You have set a new password. Now, you can access the User Management there and delete or add employees.

How do I keep engagement rates high?

Here are three tips on how to keep participation rates high for your wellbeing surveys:

1. Do internal marketing and get leadership support. Let your employees know about the survey and why it’s important. Get your leaders involved to show your employees that you’re taking the survey seriously.

2. Take action based on the results of the wellbeing scores. This will show your employees that their participation is making a difference.

3. Link the results or reports to as many stakeholder requests within the company as possible. This will help to generate interest and increase participation.

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