Your Cockpit for Wellbeing Metrics and Trends

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Your personalized cockpit to navigate the company's wellbeing initiatives.

Plan and track suggested interventions to make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform that helps you plan, engage, and analyse easily.

Optimizing Team Performance with Positive Psychology Insights

Enhance individual and team performance using scientifically-backed strategies from positive psychology. Our model provides interventions tailored to the right teams at the right time, backed by robust predictive parameters.

Optimize Workflows with Smart Integration

Leverage the power of Lemna's platform, seamlessly integrated into your daily tools, for a customized experience that fits your workflow. Our system is built to adapt, ensuring you have the support you need, when you need it, right within your existing digital environment.

Personalize your tools and parameters to dive into.

Prioritise and accentuate certain areas from our 5 Factor Model to fit your organisations needs.

How it works

Continuous Listening
Lemna is your constant listener to your employees’ needs and concerns. This brief and regular survey contact catches the early stress signals.
Deep Understanding
Our scientific framework on wellbeing forms the basis for our learning algorithm.

Supportive Responding
Our approach is based on individual learning nudges for immediate assistance that prevent work-related distress in early stages.
Trends and Insights
Our dashboard provides a comprehensive, real-time display of wellbeing parameters, serving as foundational cornerstones for interventions at the organizational level.

Transform Your Approach to Workplace Wellbeing

Empower HR with a dynamic dashboard to monitor and understand employee well-being trends.

Dashboard Dynamics
Uncover trends and patterns with our advanced analytics interface.
Timely Queries
Engage with employees through smart, scheduled surveys for in-depth understanding.
Instant Insights
Gain immediate clarity on the collective well-being with our real-time reports.
Guided Actions
Navigate towards a positive work environment with our expert-backed recommendations.

Our 5 Factor Wellbeing Model

Discover the Lemna Wellbeing Framework, meticulously crafted by leading experts in psychology and Positive Psychology. Our innovative approach is rooted in cutting-edge scientific research, designed to foster a thriving, positive environment for your team.

Purpose & Meaning

Explore the symbiosis of individual values with organizational culture, where employees' engagement is enhanced through meaningful alignment with the company's culture and purposeful work.

Safety & Security

Delve into the multifaceted aspects of workplace security. This includes addressing subjective perceptions of job stability, financial security, and the foundational psychological safety necessary for a safe work environment.


Address the critical determinants of health within the workplace by incorporating strategies for mental well-being through adaptive initiatives and institutional support. Complement these with physical health factors, such as ergonomic infrastructure and wellness initiatives.

Early Detection: Regular and preventive assessments to catch early signs of mental stress.

Quick Response: Immediate intervention upon detection to prevent serious health risks.

Secure Documentation: Comprehensive logging of the assessment process to ensure compliance and to aid in company audits.

Validated Processes: Employ validated procedures for assessing mental stress, which may include various levels of analysis from orientation to screening and in-depth individual assessments.

Action Planning: Utilize a catalog of measures and tools like professional workshop and interview guides to develop appropriate interventions.

Compliance Assurance: Keep assessment processes legally compliant and prepared for verification during company audits.

Automatic Updates Systems in place to keep the risk assessment current and reflective of the latest data.

Connection & Belonging

Facilitate an environment that nurtures positive interpersonal relationships, enhances connectivity with leadership, and reinforces each individual's sense of belonging and contribution to the team dynamic.

Self-Efficacy & Accomplishment

Gain high-level insights into your team's ability and strength in identifying and establishing personal professional goals. In this environment, clear goal-setting, supportive leadership, and equitable rewards fuel a sense of achievement and professional growth.

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