We are on a mission.

A mission to enable employees to understand and drive their own wellbeing and to help organizations create healthy work environments for everybody.

What we do

We pour our hearts into cultivating a work environment that’s not just productive, but compassionate and mindful, where every individual's wellbeing is the soil from which our collective success grows.


By fostering a culture of teamwork and shared goals, we create solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.


We're committed to growth that nurtures our future, ensuring that progress today doesn't compromise tomorrow's potential.

Human Centered

At the heart of our innovation lies a deep respect for individual wellbeing, driving us to create experiences that prioritize people above all else.

Meet Lemna

Cathleen Metzke CEO Lemna Picture
Cathleen Metzke
Co-Founder & CEO
Sajad Kioumarsi CTO Lemna Picture
Sajad Kioumarsi
Co-Founder & CTO
Dr. Andrea von Allworden COO Lemna Picture
Dr. Andrea von Allwörden
Co-Founder & COO
Sven Lochner UX/UI Designer Lemna
Sven Lochner
UX/UI Designer
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