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About Lemna

At Lemna, we're dedicated to creating a healthier work environment and empowering employees to thrive. Our mission goes beyond our products; it's about making a real difference in people's lives. If you're passionate about innovation, personal growth, and contributing to a meaningful mission, we'd love to hear from you.We're looking for a Director of Sales for mid-market accounts. This is a unique opportunity to join early in our story and influence how the plot will evolve. We are looking for the right person to build this role and later on the department and to make sure our customers are getting the best out of EverAfter product for their own success.

Who We're Looking For

We welcome applications from talented individuals across various fields. Whether your strengths lie in software development, marketing, human resources, or any other area, we encourage you to apply. We value diversity, creativity, and a drive to learn.

What You'll Do

Your role at Lemna will depend on your skills and our evolving needs. From developing cutting-edge technology to shaping our company culture, your work will have a tangible impact. You'll collaborate with cross-functional teams, bring fresh ideas, and take on unique challenges.


  • A background in your field of expertise, whether it's tech, business, design, or any other area.
  • A collaborative mindset and excellent communication skills.
  • Eagerness to learn, adapt, and grow within a fast-paced environment.

What We Offer

  • A hybrid working model and flexible home-office options.
  • Opportunities for professional development and growth.
  • A supportive, dynamic, and innovative work culture.

Application Process

  • A conversation to explore mutual interests.
  • Opportunities to showcase your skills and strengths.
  • Interviews to understand your fit within our team and culture.

Why Lemna?

Joining Lemna means becoming part of a community that values your well-being and professional growth. You'll work alongside a diverse team, using your skills to contribute to a larger mission.

Apply Now

Share your expertise and aspirations with us. Together, we'll explore how your talents can align with future opportunities at Lemna.