Rethinking Wellbeing: Beyond Surveys at Mattel

Explore Mattel, Inc.'s unique approach to employee wellbeing, analyzing their use of semi-annual surveys and innovative engagement strategies. This post advocates for real-time methods to better assess and enhance employee satisfaction.
Annika Hermann
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🍎 Food for Thoughts

  • 🔹 Are semi-annual surveys enough to gauge employee wellbeing effectively?

This thought-provoking article by Human Resource Executive delves into the employee experience at Mattell, shedding light on aspects that resonate with current knowledge on employee wellbeing.

It's inspiring to see how Mattel, Inc.'s Keith Saucier has embraced initiatives such as:

  • Financial wellness,
  • Reasonable healthcare premiums, and
  • Mindfulness tools

to enhance employee engagement and overall satisfaction! However, it prompts us to question the effectiveness of traditional semi-annual surveys in capturing the dynamic nature of employee wellbeing.

Are they truly comprehensive enough to capture the evolving needs and challenges employees face?

Taking into account the evolving needs of employees, we understand the significance of a more nuanced approach. We focus on developing responsive mechanisms that provide real-time insights, enabling organizations to address very quickly and proactively potential concerns.

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